Collection: Ways to Say "I Love You, Be Mine Forever!" On Valentines Day

Your Health Really Is Your Wealth!
Its Valentines Day February 14th! Why not show the person you love, whether it be your husband, wife, partner, relative or even friend - that you want them to be in your life for a long time to come? Giving the gift of Health through 1 packet each of the 5 freshly prepared Adirondack Teas we offer here at Wild Foods helps create positive steps in a happy and healthy life style, we offer everything from. 
- Boosting your Immuity
- Increasing Stamina & Focus
- Helping to lower Blood Pressure
- Controlling  Blood Sugar
- Aiding Digestion and Gas
- Fighting Colds, Coughs and Covid
Let this gift introduce them to a world of healthy options that are easy to prepare and make you feel great in the process!